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John Huppenthal's Top Ten (Alleged) Comments as a Sock Puppet (w/Update)

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Hupp's alleged behavior online seems the product of a confirmed narcissist: referring to himself in the third person, praising himself in sock puppet mode, and supposedly polishing and re-polishing his Wikipedia entry.

Reminds me of disgraced, disbarred ex-county attorney Andy Thomas, who also was accused of editing his bio on Wikipedia to his liking.

Similarly, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne once used a sock puppet to comment on an article of mine relating to his mistress, a fact revealed during an internal investigation of his office.

Thus, Hupp is hardly alone in his sock puppetry. As for the content of his comments, it's generally standard right-wing stuff, though he often veers into serious moon-howler territory, as you'll see below.

There could be a problem with him posting some (though not all) of his comments via the IP address for the Arizona Department of Education, which is evident from the information that Bob Lord has provided me.

Campaigning for himself from an ADE computer, for instance, would be a big no-no.

Otherwise, what matters -- whether said under the guise of a sock puppet or as himself -- is what the fella has to say.

So here are Huppenthal's top ten comments under one of his sock puppet handles, at least from those I've seen.

And believe me, there are so many out there, I think I could read a Russian novel quicker. Which makes you wonder what we pay the guy for, if he has this much free time on his hands.

(Note: The quotes that follow have not been edited for grammar or spelling.)

10) Regarding the mystery of "Caucasian job creation" http://blogforarizona.net/it-is-past-time-to-look-beyond-tax-cuts-as-an-economic-development-strategy/#comment-36253

On April 9, 2014 at 11:19 pm Thucydides said:

But, economics are completely different story. A job taken by an hispanic immigrant doesnt take a job from a caucasian, it creates a job for a caucasian. Caucasian job creation is very positively correlated with immigrant employment, not negatively correlated as conservatives have heard over and over.

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