John McCain and Company's Immigration Proposal: Yay or Nay

Some U.S. Senators from both parties have decided that they've figured out the immigration thing.

The proposal, as explained, has a bunch of points, with the main one being that 11 million or so illegal immigrants will have a pathway to citizenship.

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The current proposal's spread out over five pages of bullet points, and we'll give you some bullet points of those bullet points:

  • "Securing our borders"
  • Tons of ifs, ands, as well as buts
  • A pathway to citizenship for millions.
  • A lot of paperwork and waiting.
  • If you're a DREAMer, it's easier. That's one of the many ifs.
  • Something that's like E-Verify but isn't E-Verify.
  • We got it: It's Reagan Amnesty (careful with the a-word) 2.0

Long story short, it's a concession that Nickel-Bag Joe-ing five illegals at a time ain't gonna fix the country's immigration situation, and it proposes granting a pathway to citizenship for 11 million-ish illegal immigrants.

Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Cast your vote below:

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