John McCain's New Web Ad Shifts Focus Back to J.D. Hayworth's Pork; Apparently Immigration Wasn't Workin' Out Too Well for "The Maverick"

After his campaign's less-than-successful embrace of that danged immigration issue -- the debate du jour for any politico (or beauty queen) at the moment, which has critics saying Arizona's senior senator flopped like a fish -- Senator John McCain's campaign released a new Web video that could shift the discussion back to one of his old favorites: Pork.

McCain's new, 90-second ad paints his GOP primary opponent, J.D. Hayworth, as a pork fiend -- hell-bent on shellin' out big, public bucks for pointless projects like the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere."

Among some of the more wasteful projects Hayworth supported during his time in Congress, according to McCain, are the $233 million bridge, $5.8 million for a snowmobile trail, and $3 million for dust control on Alaskan highways.

Speaking of pork, in what seems to be a not-so-subliminal message to viewers, the McCain campaign uses video footage of Hayworth taken when the former congressman was probably at his porkiest -- the dude's huge!

Hayworth has slimmed down considerably since the footage was shot, but it's still worth a gander.

Check out the full video after the jump.


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