John McCain's Wife and Daughter Pose for Pro-Gay-Marriage Campaign Pictures

John McCain's wife and daughter recently posed for a photographer's campaign to repeal a California ban on gay marriage, putting them at odds with the Arizona senator's position on the matter.

Cindy McCain followed the lead of her daughter, Meghan, who posed for photographer Adam Bouska back in June with a symbolic piece of duct tape over her mouth. (We're not sure about that symbolism, since California's Prop 8 passed in a public election, but what the heck).

Bouska tells New Times that he was shooting the cover photo for Meghan McCain's upcoming book last week when Cindy, who was in his Southern California studio to support her daughter, mentioned that she would like to support the campaign. Later that day, Bouska had the senator's wife in a white shirt, with the duct tape and painted "NOH8" logo on her face.

Though Bouska's shot other celebs for the campaign, he's thrilled about Cindy McCain's participation. He hopes the shot breaks down stereotypes that Republicans must be against gay marriage.

"It proves that more people do support us than others would have you believe," says Bouska, whom we reached on his mobile phone. "Through the photo, what she's trying to say is that party doesn't matter."


So, will John McCain be next -- maybe a family shot?

"We can only hope," Bouska says, laughing.

In fact, John McCain announced his support for Proposition 8 publicly in June of 2008, a few months before the November election. McCain also supported Proposition 107 in Arizona, which banned local governments from giving legal status to same-sex unions.

It's up for debate whether the campaign is doing anything for Proposition 8 supporters, but it's certainly gotten Bouska some national attention.

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