Jose Cuervo Tequila "Gladiator Games" Coming to Tempe

Wanna be a "tequila legend" without passing out, starting a fight, or throwing up on yourself? The Jose Cuervo tequila company is coming to Tempe next week to give you that chance.

In what the folks at Cuervo are calling "Cuervo Games 2010," the company will give Valley residents a chance to become a "tequila legend" and compete in a tequila championship in Las Vegas later this year.

If you're a booze hound, don't get too excited -- the games don't play out like a weekend at a frat house. To win, you'll actually need some athletic ability, and you'll probably have to be sober.

Jose Cuervo representatives tells New Times that the games are more like a tequila-oriented game of American Gladiators than a drink-'til-you're-drunk party (we were a little bummed to hear that, too).

Contestants will compete in events based around the tequila-making process, not the result of the tequila-drinking process, which, if you ask us, sounds way more fun.

Some of the events include a waterfall climb, an "agave airwalk," and a mix-off, where contestants mix their own concoctions of tequila and mixers in the contest's final event.

The event is scheduled April 3 at Heritage Square on Mill Avenue, and from the looks of some of the past events, it's gonna be a pretty big deal. Check out some of the photos Cuervo representatives sent us here.

For more info on Cuervo Games 2010 and to register to compete, click here.

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