Josh Bloom, Finger-Gunman Fresh Off 40-Mile Chase With Cops, Caught Driving Again

You know who shouldn't be driving a car this week? Josh Bloom, the guy who pretended his fingers were guns, and pointed them at other drivers, before leading police on a 40-mile car chase.

You know who Goodyear police say was spotted driving away from an elementary school yesterday? Josh Bloom, the guy who pretended his fingers were guns, and pointed them at other drivers, before leading police on a 40-mile car chase.

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Goodyear cops have started putting police substations at schools to increase police presence, and as one of these officers was on his way in, he recognized Bloom, 35, who was on his way out.

Believe it or not, Bloom's driver's license had been revoked, so he was arrested again. It's entirely likely that Bloom will be jailed for a bit, since he was just released from jail on $10,000 bond a few days ago.

Bloom had to post that $10,000 bond to get out of jail because he led police on a car chase that lasted for 40 miles last week.

After receiving reports that Bloom was pointing his finger-guns at drivers, DPS officers pulled over Bloom after they located him, and observed him following another vehicle too closely, according to court documents.

Bloom told the officers he didn't have a driver's license -- which was suspended due to a DUI -- and the officers asked him to get out of his car.

As he drove away, his side mirror hit one of the cops on the wrist, and when the officers caught up to Bloom and tried to pass him, he swerved over and nearly hit the officers, according to the documents.

Bloom was eventually stopped by officers who strategically struck Bloom's vehicle, but that was only after Bloom had made it about 40 miles, and made a call to 3TV in the process.

Court documents note that, at some point, Bloom also pointed his finger-gun at detectives.

Bloom was jailed on charges of aggravated assault, threatening, unlawful flight from law enforcement, and driving on a suspended license -- that time. According to county court records, Bloom had been caught driving on a suspended license three the last year. Incredibly, that doesn't include the two times he was caught driving on a suspended license this week.

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