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Ken Bennett Says 602,334 Votes Left to Be Counted Statewide

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has just announced that as of late this afternoon, "an estimated 602,334 early and provisional ballots statewide" have not been counted.

"State law gives the counties 10 calendar days to verify and process the remaining early and provisional ballots," the release states. "That gives them until the end of Friday, Nov. 16."

Bennett also advises that those voters who cast a "conditional provisional" ballot due to insufficient ID at the polling place, "have five business days, or until the end of Tuesday, Nov. 13, to return to their county elections office with proper ID."

The announcement from the SOS indicates 344,000 uncounted early ballots for Maricopa County and 115,000 provisional ballots yet to be verified.

Maricopa County also updated its tallies today, but so far any shift in the gap between Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Democrat Paul Penzone is negligible.

As of 4:46 PM today, Arpaio had 489,952 votes or 52.54 percent to Penzone's 401,574 votes or 43.06 percent, a difference of 88,378 votes.

That's almost the same gap as last night. The trend would have to change significantly for Penzone to make up that deficit and overcome Arpaio.

Yesterday, folks at the Penzone camp estimated that they would need to take 65 percent of any remaining ballots to overtake Arpaio.

Various activist groups remain incensed that Penzone conceded last night, rather than wait for a final vote count.

UPDATE: Just received this update from the Maricopa County Recorder's Office. In my experience, the county's numbers are usually more up-to-date, as the SOS gets its numbers from the counties.

There's a slight difference between this statement below and the SOS. I would defer to the county until we hear otherwise.

Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell, says every effort is being made to complete the processing and tabulation of the 2012 General Election early ballots and provisional ballots. "We are aware that there is a large interest in the final outcome of some races. However, our office cannot sacrifice accuracy for speed.

Today we've tabulated 44,455 early ballots. Following the hand count, as required by law, we will process and begin tabulation of the remaining ballots. Presently we have approximately 115,000 provisional ballots to process and tabulate in addition to 300,000 early ballots left processed and tabulated," Purcell said.

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