Kenneth Evans Set His Ex-Wife's Bed on Fire -- Again

Kenneth Robert Evans apparently would like his ex-wife to be in bed when he drops by her place for a visit.

That seems to be the case because when his ex-wife's not in bed, Evans, 38, has a tendency to light the bed on fire.

Evans was arrested Monday for the latest bed-torching, according to court documents obtained by New Times, after police caught up with him to ask about the May 21 incident in Glendale.

According to the documents, the only reasoning Evans had for lighting his ex-wife's bed on fire this time around was that he was "angry that she was not home."

For having a life outside laying in bed, Evans told the cops he lit it up. Even better, Evans didn't quite manage to put out the fire before it started burning up his ex-wife's bedroom, the documents say.

The documents state the fire caused "major damage" to the woman's bedroom -- to the tune of $15,000.

As we mentioned above, this isn't the first time Evans has gone to fire to deal with his ex-wife's bedroom.

Last time, Evans set the bed ablaze, took a picture of the flaming bed, and texted the photo to his ex-wife before extinguishing the fire, according to the documents.

Evans -- who's listed in court documents as unemployed and transient -- was picked up by the cops Monday at a Glendale apartment complex.

He's been charged with arson of an occupied structure, and a judge set his bond at $30,000.

According to court records, Evans has several drug-related criminal convictions, and served nearly a year in prison from mid-2007 to 2008 for theft and drug convictions.

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