KPHO Not Letting Go of Belief in Bigfoot -- Alleged Sasquatch Toenail Found

The Valley TV station that claims it's "Telling It Like It Is" seems to report on mythical creatures a lot more than any other news outlet in the state.

This time, the news-hounds at KPHO -- often glorified by New Times for their ongoing Chupacabra hunts -- are reporting on the alleged find of Bigfoot's toenail.

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This toenail was purportedly found by someone in Seligman, and it's been appropriately named "The Toenail of Bigfoot."

In case the kids start asking, "Mommy, where does Bigfoot come from?" KPHO got the answer for that, too.

"A 100 percent human female, mixed with a male of an unknown species," according to some real science provided to KPHO. Perhaps the female human was breeding with the male ignoramus.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled unicorn/leprechaun/Loch Ness monster/dragon/chupacabra/Bigfoot hunt from KPHO:


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