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KPHO Thinks Ugly Dog Might be Chupacabra

This just in: a naked leprechaun was spotted trying to buy crystal meth from a north Phoenix drug dealer early Saturday morning -- which is about as believable as KPHO's latest attempt at "telling it like it is."

The local TV news station is under the impression that there was a potential chupacabra sighting in Goodyear last week.

As you know, chupacabras don't actually exist, and the animal seen in the video the station is citing as evidence is more likely an ugly dog, or malnourished coyote, than the blood-slurping focus of urban legends.

Even more dopey than creating a superficial buzz about the potential sighting of an animal that doesn't exist is KPHO's pimping of an interview with the Phoenix Zoo's director of animal management, during which he'll discuss the sighting.

Here's a preview of what you can expect:

KPHO reporter: so, what can we make of this video?

Zoo official: Umm, you know chupacabras aren't real, right?

KPHO reporter: but there's video evidence.

Zoo official: I can't believe I agreed to this. I'm outta here.

KPHO reporter: KPHO, live from the Phoenix zoo...telling it like it is.

The interview with the zoo official will air Friday night at 10. See KPHO's video of a possible chupacabra galloping through the streets of Goodyear here.

Could this be a hoax? Unfortunately, we don't think so.


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