Last Minute Wednesday: Liam Finn at Rhythm Room

By Jonathan McNamara

If the name Finn sounds familiar, be advised that Liam is the eldest son of Neil Finn, the singer/song-writing force behind Crowded House. Taking a few cues from his pops, Liam Finn pulls the song-writing thing off with a little bit of ingenuity and technological know-how. Finn runs his sounds through a looping effects pedal, allowing him to back himself up in concert.

Where have you heard Liam Finn? He covered "Two of Us" by The Beatles with his father for the I Am Sam soundtrack. Finn's also become part of the reunited Crowded House, but that hasn't stopped him from releasing a solo album, I'll Be Lightning in 2007 or playing The Late Show with David Letterman in February of this year.

See Liam Finn tonight at the Rhythm Room.


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