Laugh Track: Erik Abramowitz

By Jonathan McNamara

Local comedian Erik Abramowitz has a few pieces of advice for brahs lookin’ to take home a cougar or two from the Scottsdale dating scene. Step one? Don’t bring debit cards. Go to the ATM before you go out and carry no more than $40.

“It’s like gambling. When you’re done you’re done and you just got to walk away,” he says. “There comes that point in the night when you’ve bought drinks for ten chicks and you’re like ‘I don’t think this is happening tonight.’”

Abramowitz performs solo as a stand up comedian in addition to doing skit and situation-based improv comedy with the Jester’Z at Theater 168.

“From what I understand, every great comedian has an improv background. It teaches you so much about being in the moment on stage,” he said.

Improv is Abramowitz’ back-up hidden away in his back pocket for when audience reaction is at a lull or he’s bombed on a joke. It’s a discipline of eliciting laughs by weaving jokes out of thin air and it lends a storytelling style to Abramowitz’ comedy.

Listen for yourself with 30 seconds of Erik Abramowitz.

Hear more from Erik Abramowitz every Thursday night as he hosts an open mic at The Dirty Devil.

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