Laurie Kelly Allegedly Gave Beer to Random Homeless People to Watch Her Kid While She Went to Work (as a Prostitute)

Laurie Kelly told the cops she has "a manic sexual rage inside of her which she cannot control, and needed to have sex."

Because of this, police say she gave beer to some random homeless people in a Mesa park and told them to watch her 6-year-old kid while she went to work as a prostitute.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, a woman thought it was a bit odd that a child in Mesa's Evergreen Park had been hanging out with beer-guzzling homeless people for a few hours on Tuesday evening.

Eventually, the woman asked the 6-year-old girl where here mother was, and when the girl said she didn't know, the woman phoned up the cops.

Kelly, 43, made it back to the park by the time police showed up, and police asked her what exactly she'd been doing tonight.

She told police that she'd bought beers for random strangers in the park, and also asked those same random strangers to watch her 6-year-old daughter while she went to "make some money," according to court documents.

By "make some money," Kelly meant that she "went and sold her body for sexual favors," according to the documents, and said she'd been with two customers that afternoon.

The witness told police that the girl was in the park without her mother for about four hours, and her homeless, beer-drinking babysitters just gave up on supervising the girl after a while, the documents say.

"[Kelly] told me she hoped nothing bad would happen like injury or heat exhaustion...or even kidnapping, however, she told me she a manic sexual rage inside of her which she cannot control, and needed to have sex," the arresting officer wrote in a probable-cause statement. "As a result [Kelly] left her daughter in danger to go have fun."

Kelly faces a child-abuse charge.

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