Let's Call Him Smokey: Black Bear Captured Near Peoria Neighborhood

A black bear's peaceful morning stroll through a West Valley community was ruined on Sunday when he was captured by Peoria cops/animal control and state Game and Fish authorities.

They took down the bear spotted over the weekend near a Peoria library at 98th Avenue and Lake Pleasant Parkway, police report today.

Wildlife officials used a tranquilizer gun to knock out the bear and relocated him to an undisclosed location in Northern Arizona.

They believe the male bear, an 80-pound, 1-½ year old North American Black Bear, likely wandered down from the Bradshaw Mountains.

Peoria cops did take the opportunity to remind residents that bears might look cute and cuddly, but they can kill with a swipe of their giant paws.

They urged people "to respect wildlife by not providing food and water or otherwise encouraging their presence, nor being fooled by a young bear's harmless appearance: they will defend themselves if approached, and they can inflict serious injury or even death."

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Monica Alonzo
Contact: Monica Alonzo