Letters 05-04-2000

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Second, whether the drug is entirely to blame or not, several deaths have been "attributed to GHB" -- which is what I wrote in my story. The truth is that GHB is very powerful medication that can be deadly if abused -- just as sleeping pills can be lethal if taken in high doses and/or mixed with alcohol and/or used in any environment where sudden unconsciousness would be unwise. The best argument against the demonization of GHB is that by turning a once-common health-food-store product into an unregulated and unlabeled sexy black-market drug, the government may be the biggest culprit in inspiring irresponsible GHB use.

Fit As a Fife

A great article on the "Fifester" ("He's Back," John Dougherty, April 20). I hope his back gets better for the next round. Even better, I can only hope this drags out like the national media hype on Darva Conger!

Kerry Robinson

Unholy Campaign

In your April 20 issue, you printed an ad for the Consistency in Compassion Campaign. This organization claims eating animals for food somehow compares to the Nazi Holocaust. It promotes its cause by running ads in newspapers like yours showing pictures of dead cows alongside pictures of dead people. And worse, a large swastika is displayed in the middle of the ad. Does this organization really think killing millions of innocent people just for the heck of it can compare to the need for the human race to eat animals to survive? Or (I can't even believe I'm going to say this) does it think that the Holocaust victims are no different from animals and they should have been eaten? Is it aware that the pope blessed a bunch of animals that were about to be eaten by people the week before Easter?

As we all know, New Times is a paper that will print things that the mainstream papers like the Arizona Republic will not print. And that is why I have enjoyed reading it for so long. But this time I think New Times has gone a little too far. This is one of the most offensive ads I have ever seen, and I wish New Times had exercised its right to refuse to run this ad.

Glenn Siegel


Regarding the flood of illegals swarming over the border ("Phoenix or Busted," David Holthouse and Amanda Scioscia, April 6): I think it's disgusting that the people of Douglas are being left to their own devices to cope. In my opinion, the wetbacks should be kept out of the USA. Even if it means building a Berlin Wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Marc V. Ridenour

Fight Club

I cannot believe your newspaper printed a pro-cockfighting column ("Fowl Play," David Holthouse, April 13) that was so gruesome. It's no wonder kids today are so violent with the crap that some adults come up with.

The person (if you can call him human) who wrote the article is probably (if not already) going to become a world-class serial killer with the level of violence he portrays.

In today's world, we should be trying to put a stop to violence, not encourage it. There is too much already without more encouragement. These roosters have never hurt anyone and do not deserve to be forced to butcher one another. This idiot keeps going on and on about how they have such a better life than hens on farm factories, like that is supposed to make it okay. Well, it doesn't. I don't agree with any form of animal abuse, and neither should anyone else in this world.

This person who loves violence so much should, instead of watching it, be a part of it. Let's see him get into a ring with someone else just as violent and fight to the death! Now there's a show worth watching!!! One less violent person in the world, one step closer to peace!!

Tracy Jordan


It is sad enough that such cruelties continue, that there are so many people who actually can think of such as a sport, entertainment, hobby, or any such thing. But for a community newspaper to print a column condoning such, and giving support to such ideas, I feel is pretty outrageous.

Is this really the kind of sport, or whatever you want to call it, the people of your community want their families reading about? Is this how they want them to spend their Saturday nights?

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