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Brewing National Scandal Grow up, Phoenix!: Fucking great story on the could-be art exhibition at ASU! But your writer should have slammed those idiots at the university for even talking about censoring the exhibit. And he should have slammed some of the artists for being pussies ("Heil to the Chief,"...
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Brewing National Scandal

Grow up, Phoenix!: Fucking great story on the could-be art exhibition at ASU! But your writer should have slammed those idiots at the university for even talking about censoring the exhibit. And he should have slammed some of the artists for being pussies ("Heil to the Chief," Joe Watson, July 1).

The very idea of canceling the show because nobody can find equally demeaning art of John Kerry to put up! These artists should be up in arms -- at ASU -- if that show gets canceled. That's a national scandal, and an example of how people in power at taxpayer-supported institutions think they can stop a movement for political purposes.

Come on, folks! If Clinton were president right now, there would be more anti-Clinton art up at the exhibit. But I'll bet there would still be a lot of anti-Bush art, if George W. Bush were the one debating Clinton at ASU. People would know what kind of Nazi Bush is, because they would have big daddy Bush to use as an example.

This is political discourse, friends! If artists want to slam Bush -- and we all know in our hearts he richly deserves it for Iraq, among other stupidity -- then they should be allowed to have at him. Especially at a state university! Even in backward Arizona, where university budgets can be controlled by goobers.

But I know some of the artists involved, and they're blaming New Times for printing the story! They're saying that the exhibit may not go on because of Joe Watson. That he should be ashamed of himself. Some have even talked drunkenly about beating his ass.

These local artists don't have the gray matter to realize that if this show gets canceled for political reasons, their otherwise mostly mediocre local art will get a national stage. Please, Phoenix! This is a big city now. Our local artists need to stop acting like goobers, themselves. We've got Sheriff Joe Arpaio to do that for us. We need them to at least pretend to be sophisticated.
Ted Jacobson, Via the Internet

Rightist propaganda: On reading your discussion of the upcoming exhibit at the ASU Art Museum, I'm thinking that the idea of "balanced" is in and of itself propaganda. Unless it's presented as a visual discussion or a debate -- given the unbelievably bad performance of Bush during his presidency. Perhaps using the word "performance" is giving Bush too much credit. I'm very eager to see this exhibit and to be a part of the audience at the debates, if the exhibit eventually happens.
Jan Fisher, ASU art history graduate student, Tempe

Keep on smokin': Wow, your July 1 issue was quite a surprise!

First, Tom Tomorrow's comic wasn't a deliberate liberal hit piece. Then an article slamming a gratuitous hate fest of Bush masquerading as art.

I did feel bad for local artist Colin Chillag, who wanted his art to make a broader and more introspective statement, unlike the gang graffiti and toilet humor trying to pass as art that otherwise fouls this exhibit. So I guess it's true about artists with no talent being sign painters . . . .

And at least you guys predictably -- and deservedly -- body-slammed idiot Joe Arpaio("Sheriff Joe's Real Estate Game," John Dougherty, July 1), our local example of a devious evil asshole. It was comfortable to know that reality hadn't departed completely.

Anyway, keep smoking whatever it was you did for this issue. It works!
Terry A. Gardner, Glendale

Good double whammy: I don't usually read New Times because I know what the story line will be on whatever issue is covered. However, I was pleased to read recent articles on Joe Arpaio and on the ASU art exhibition.

My quick question is: Why aren't the other media outlets even attempting to report on Arpaio's financial aggrandizement during his tenure in office?

This is a major story, and, in my opinion, he could go to Tent City himself if he were audited and the existence of profitable under-the-table deals personally enriching him were discovered.

I'm an attorney and, from my limited knowledge of the law on this subject, at least part, if not all, of the money from sales of things like bobble heads belongs to the county.

I changed my registration from Independent to Republican just so I can vote against Arpaio in the primary. I had an idea that this was going on before you reported it, but there it is, redacted for any and all to see. Good job!
Name withheld by request

Get Rid of Joe

The real bad guys: Great job on your articles on Arpaio (also "In the Crosshairs," John Dougherty, June 24). I loved it. The real criminals of this state are not the ones who failed to pay a fine or violated probation. They're the people we elect to office. But they never have to answer for their actions. If you really want to see some outrageous profits, check out the commissary items Sheriff Joe sells to the inmates. He should be limited on the amount of profit that can be made since he has a captive audience.

You know, I have heard how terrible it was in World War II that we put all the Japanese-Americans into concentration camps. I'm willing to bet that their accommodations were much better than what Sheriff Joe provides our own citizens.

Don't get me wrong . . . jail should not be plush, by any means. But some minimum standards must be upheld.
Wayne Watkins, Phoenix

Time for a change: Kudos to John Dougherty! He is doing an absolutely fantastic job on Arpaio and the staff of ass-kissers he has surrounded himself with in the Ivory Towers of the Wells Fargo Building. Unfortunately, I had to work for this buffoon for two years before I could retire. Then it was, "See ya, baby. I am out of here!"

I had worked for four sheriffs prior to Arpaio. They all had their little quirks, but nothing compared to what this man has created and caused over the past 12 years. It will take a new sheriff more than four years just to unravel all of Arpaio's crap

I believe a new sheriff can and should demand an audit of all funds prior to taking office. This should definitely include posse monies. This has long been under questionable control.

It's time for a change; it has been time for change for a long, long time!

Whoever the new sheriff is must rid the office of Arpaio's fellow buffoons in the sheriff's office. There are a few who will try to ingratiate themselves with the winning side. But just remember the old saying: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."
Jordan Barber, Sergeant (retired), Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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