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Tricia McKnight

Fiscal education: It's been three weeks since I read the article "Paralyzed in Paradise," and it still has left a haunting feeling in me! Such a story of bad luck and bad karma, but to let a man who is so clearly angry and abusive over his wife's high-level disability go free is simply saying that the abusive behavior is okay both morally and, more important, legally.

This story also clearly shows that abuse can be seen by many and no one either is noticing it or feels it's their place to make mention of it. Going through so many nurses means that many saw abuse, were victims of it themselves, saw that the children were being emotionally abused, and no one came forward to report this? Money, in this case, seems to be the root of evil.

There's nothing wrong with money, but it seems that this awful man's family -- with his father's financial help -- is not only encouraging the abuse, they're saying it's okay for it to happen! I know we all want to support our children's behavior, even if it's not always proper, but this has gone too far. Using daddy's influence, power and money to allow the son to walk away free of any responsibility of his abuse, his terrorizing, his animalistic behavior is not only wrong, it's illegal! How can 1,000 pages of detailed documentation not mean anything? How can eyewitness accounts not have any value? Honestly, it's time to call the legal system to task on this. If this were happening to any other family (i.e., with less money and influence), the guy would have been in jail long ago.

Obviously, the money that's allowing Heather Grossman to stay alive is also the same money that's slowly killing her.

Thank you for not fearing this man's family like the legal system has by bringing to light what a monster this guy is. At least someone has! "Paralyzed in Paradise" was very well written and a big thanks to this newspaper and its staff for being courageous enough to print it!

Laurie Baker
Columbus, North Carolina

Mourning Marnye

A life lost: The writer Robert Stone once posited: "If a tree falls in the jungle, do the gorillas really give a shit?" Well, Marnye Oppenheim has fallen, and now all the animals cry. Marnye was a treasure. I cannot believe she is no longer with us. My condolences to all the staff at Phoenix New Times and to the great gang who ran the late New Times LA.

We loved ya, Marnye.

Ross Johnson
Los Angeles

Unique spirit: I had to express how deeply saddened I was to learn of Marnye Oppenheim's untimely passing. She was a unique voice, had an uncommon way with people and such an amazing sense of humor. I deeply wish I'd had the chance to raise a glass with her. I'm so sorry she's gone. She will be missed.

John Borowski

Hans Across America

Giving it his all: I'm the president of the Hans Olson fan club (Letters, May 15). I've been a great fan of Hans for more than 20 years. I'm one of many, too. The fan club has members from all over the world. Hans is like Perry Como? I don't think so. Whoever wrote that has never heard Hans sing "Mannish Boy." Wow, that just gives me chills. Hans is a great entertainer. Whether he's playing to one person or a full house, he always gives 110 percent.

Debbie Riches

Ranters anonymous: To the guy or girl who didn't sign his or her name to the letter running down Hans Olson:

No wonder you didn't sign your name. It's one thing saying stupid things; it's quite another letting everyone know who said them.

If you ever get close enough, ask Tom Waits what he thinks of Hans' music. I think you would be surprised by the answer. Those of us who know Hans, and who know music, wouldn't be surprised at all.

Terry Miller

Hans and fans: Dear "Name Withheld by Request" (you coward): Regarding your attack on Hans Olson -- speak for yourself. Hans has many fans in the Valley, around the state, in other parts of the country and the world.

Why do you suppose New Times music editors appreciate Hans Olson? Is it possible that they can appreciate talent and you can't? Hans has earned his living as a musician for more than 30 years -- how many musicians find it necessary to have day jobs? Besides his gigs, he has written theme songs for TV shows and soundtracks for movies.

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