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Gummer of Love This letter is to thank New Times and Paul Rubin for finally printing the true story about my daughter, Lorraine De Jongh Gamble, and her husband, Edward Gamble ("Olden Opportunity," March 4). Previously, much of what was mentioned concerning them was trash, based solely upon sensationalism. No...
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Gummer of Love
This letter is to thank New Times and Paul Rubin for finally printing the true story about my daughter, Lorraine De Jongh Gamble, and her husband, Edward Gamble ("Olden Opportunity," March 4).

Previously, much of what was mentioned concerning them was trash, based solely upon sensationalism. No one seemed vaguely interested in an account of what actually transpired.

Perhaps after reading Mr. Rubin's article, a few people with even a smidgen of intelligence, before passing judgment upon those they have never met and know absolutely nothing about, might try delving into the facts and will not air their asinine opinions expressly for their own self-aggrandizement.

Thank you again.
Gloria J. De Jongh

Thank you for the story on Mr. Gamble. I took many shots from talk radio. Your story put out the facts that proved my decision to perform the wedding ceremony was right. Good job.

Judge Quentin Tolby

Attack on Marriage
Did I read correctly that the 1999 Arizona Legislature is trying to stop people with sexually transmitted diseases from marrying (House Bill 2524) (Wonk, March 4)?

If so, I am embarrassed to be a citizen of this state. I am 19 years old and engaged. My fiance and I are both living with genital herpes. I could understand a proposal stating that the marrying couple must know of each other's health status, but this is simply ridiculous. What are Karen Johnson and Mark Anderson thinking? Just because one may be infected with a lifelong virus, or any illness, for that matter, shouldn't prohibit that person from being happily married. Keep the blood tests. Keep the confidentiality between the couple. But do not keep the couple from one another.

I agree that each grown-up legislator should attend a session of the Model Legislature. I commend the Model Leg on its ability to write bills that actually make sense. Could you please print an (e-mail) address to state opinions about these outrageous bills?

Name withheld by request

Editor's note: Lawmakers' e-mail addresses are listed at the Legislature's Web site, www.azleg.state.az.us. Click on "Members," then the rosters for the House and Senate.

Best of Westerberg
I really enjoyed Bob Mehr's article and review on Paul Westerberg and his latest release ("Talent Show," February 25). As pieces on the Mats and Paul go, it was very comprehensive and complete. Almost.

The one glaring omission was the 1997 indie release Grandpaboy on Soundproof/Monolith Records. With band members the likes of "Henry Twiddle" and "Thaddeus Moonbeam," and tracks like "Hot'un" and "Psychopharmacology"--pseudonym or not--it's pure Paul, and it rocks.

Robert Kopecky

Sister Blue
I write in response to Marsha Butler's letter ("Mean Streets," February 25). I am Dana Wells' eldest sister, and I find her letter very cold and unfactual. She states that she has "firsthand knowledge" of what happened on August 16, 1996. Firsthand knowledge, to me, means knowing someone who was there to witness what happened. Who did you get your information from? Miles Graci, your nephew? He can't remember. I find that statement very interesting.

You claim your family has grieved over the loss of my brother. That explains why we never received even a card from your family, much less any help with the investigation. In fact, to my knowledge, we've only been contacted through attorneys when insurance checks have been cut.

Our family lives now with only memories of my brother's love, laughter and spirit. We will never have a complete holiday or special occasion to add to the ones of the past, no chance for having new memories with Dana. Every day, we try to keep him alive in the heart of my youngest brother, Igor (who is now just 3), who barely had a chance to meet Dana, much less feel the love Dana had for him.

The sadness, sorrow and pain my family has felt I wish upon no one. Not a day passes that I don't think of him, miss him, and wish that just for one more time I could hear his voice. The feeling of loss never leaves you.

Christina Newport

I just wanted to say how well the article on the death of Dana Wells was written, researched and constructed ("For Reasons Unknown," David Holthouse, February 11). Dana's death was tragic and will hopefully one day no longer be a mystery.

Grant Organ
via Internet

The Right to Sit
This letter is in response to the "Mill Stones" letter of February 11. Whoever wrote this letter is obviously in need of some clarification. The Tempe "sidewalk ordinance" is not designed to curtail sitting in front of a business; rather, it is a flat ban on sitting on any part of a sidewalk on Mill Avenue--30 days in jail and a $500 fine for sitting on a sidewalk sure does sound unconstitutional to me.

I don't think the framers of this great document ever wanted the interests of merchants and the almighty dollar to outweigh the importance of citizens' rights to free expression and the freedom to sit. Besides, this far into the debate, everyone knows that the homeless are the reason that this ordinance was developed in the first place. People such as yourself want to rid the Mill Avenue area of a certain group of people. This fact alone sets a discriminatory standard. Every U.S. citizen is entitled to rights, and to exclude some people because they don't have money is absurd.

I urge you to go back and read the Constitution one more time before you call anything "total bull." Education is the key to enlightenment, and the sooner you realize this and start to understand the Constitution, the sooner you can start to attach your name to your letters.

Anthony A. Cox

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