Letters From the Issue of Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Talk about a pantywaist: Too bad J. Edgar Hoover isn't around anymore to take care of the likes of The Bird. He knew how to deal with people who are enemies of Americans.
Paul Henderson, Sun City

Hammered and Nailed

Spin city: Artis Wilson's "good heart" comments about his ex-wife and Amaré Stoudemire's mother in "Amaré's Burden" had me gagging (John Dougherty, March 30).

The way Wilson sees it, Ms. Stoudemire ought to be a candidate for sainthood instead of facing serious time in the slammer. We're only lucky she didn't kill some poor slob while driving around hammered.
Barry Cohen, Phoenix

Mother loaded: I don't think I've ever seen a more appropriate use of the term "Yo Mama" than in reference to Amaré Stoudemire's sorry-ass mother (John Dougherty, April 6). She should be ashamed of herself acting like such a low-class rich bitch when her son is trying to recover from possible career-ending knee problems!

What a distraction this must be for this young man. And after all he had done to try to give her a good life.

I might feel sorry for her, if she hadn't been acting so spoiled-rotten through all this, because substance abuse is truly a sickness. My heart goes out to Amaré.
Toni Chappell, via the Internet

How did you find out?: I feel sorry for the backlash that's going to come down upon you guys for the stories you've written on Amaré Stoudemire's mom. Obviously you guys have no ethics whatsoever.

You really sank pretty low this time. Would you like it if we spread the rumor that your mother was a cum-guzzling slut? Fuck off, you pathetic assholes!
Jason Oshop, via the Internet

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