Letters from the issue of Thursday, January 17, 2008

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For a change, the real thing: Thanks for finally letting us know there is a vibrant black hip-hop scene in Arizona. I thought the only rappers here were these skinny little white boys in dreads. Have these turds ever heard the term "wigga"? Because that's what they are — white people acting black. Nothing more pathetic than that.

Hip-hop, or rap, is a black musical form, and you can count the white artists who have mattered nationally in the genre on one hand. I can't wait to hear and see Willy Northpole. For a change here in the PHX, he seems like the real thing.
Jim Ansparger, via the Internet


All Hispanics are targets: As a newcomer to the Southwest, I loved your "Target Practice" series. I especially enjoyed the last segment ("Flushing Them Out," Megan Irwin) — though I guess "enjoyed" isn't the right word.

You see, I'm Mexican-American, but I lived on the East Coast for most of my life, and I actually thought people of my ethnicity were real Americans, not pariahs in this society. Now I find out how people like Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio view my group of people. We are little more than animals to them.

Thomas and Arpaio say they are targeting only illegal aliens, but I believe it is more deep-seated than that. I believe this excuse masks their racism toward all of us Hispanics. Because, rest assured, they will be pulling the rest of us over and hassling us for "driving while brown" before you know it. We will have to prove that we belong because of the color of our skin.

I've heard that Thomas is married to a Latina. I think New Times should interview her — ask her the hard questions — about what she thinks of what her husband is doing. Because I'd like to know how any self-respecting woman of our heritage could share a bed with that man.
Mya Martin, via the Internet

You might very well do the same thing: I work at a 95 percent Hispanic-population elementary school. Heck, some of my students may be illegal, but that does not make me hate them and wish they would get deported. I would rather work with these poor stricken students than with your snotty, rude, get-everything-I-want middle-class and upper-class students.

I have a student who is 10 years old and has no mother or father because they are being detained (whatever that means), so he lives in foster homes. How would you like your life right now if you were that kid? The next generation is growing up learning that hate is the best way to get through life.

We hate the illegal immigrants (get a life), we hate the president (can't we do better?), we hate, hate, hate. I think society looks and searches for things and ideas to hate just because we love to hate and complain.

Now, these immigrants are not criminals. The druggies, murderers, and thieves are criminals, and these young Mexican mothers who have done no harm to anyone are put in the same place as these American citizens who are the true criminals.

If you were raised in Mexico and had a hard time making money, you cannot tell me and the rest of the world that you would not do the same thing by trying to come here to live a better life.

Also, who the hell is going to do your landscaping or just mow your damn lawn because you are too lazy to do it? I can tell you: no U.S. citizen. Who is going to make sure the $500 hotel room you sleep in is immaculate and clean when these immigrants are deported? Not American citizens. Who is going to hand you your fatty Big Mac on your lunch break from your luxurious office job?

Do you get my drift? These "illegal" immigrants work harder than you and I will ever in our lives because they want and need a better life for their children. Try meeting one of these wonderful kids who is just as normal as you and me.

These children cry because they did not have Christmas, because their stomach hurts and they cannot go to the doctor. Some die of cancer because they have no insurance. Their parents are deported, and they have to live in group homes where they cannot act like kids. Some live in filthy shacks in Phoenix, next door to gangs that tag city streets.

Let's try to accept the world and what it has to offer instead of using our one life to hate everything that passes by us.
Savannah Molina, via the Internet

Woe is us, indoctrinated liberals: When journalists like Megan Irwin are educated and indoctrinated at liberal colleges, all they can spew is liberal, sentimental trash (as in "Flushing Them Out"). Get real. The majority of citizens want to stop illegals from overpopulating the United States. Let's send resources to Mexico to help them there.
Felicity Pearson, via the Internet

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