Letters from the issue of Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Editor's note: Megan Irwin is an ASU graduate.

Not sympathy, just empathy: I was just reading your "Flushing Them Out" article and got sick to my stomach. Do you really want me to feel sympathy toward wetback pieces of trash? The girl in your story won't leave her neighborhood 'cause she has a fear of being deported. Give me a break! Her ass should be back in Mexico. What part of that don't you understand!?

Thomas Ross, via the Internet

Except that it's not that simple: If Daniela and her other illegal friends in "Flushing Them Out" are afraid to get deported or go out of the house, the simple answer is to pack up the family and move back to whatever country they illegally immigrated from. Then they can all be together and not worry whether dad will come home.
Ray White, Phoenix

Now that's just not nice: Your support of illegal immigration is nothing new. Neither is your bias in suggesting that anyone who questions illegal immigration is a racist. Just like the protesters and marchers, you know damn well you have no argument. You don't have any more argument than the idiot protesters whose only defense is holding a sign that say, "Say no to the KKK" — as if the KKK has one damn thing to do with this issue.

You pro-illegal immigrationists sure are a bunch of dumbfucks.
Steve White, via the Internet

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