Letters From the Issue of Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Criticism is the name of the game: Apparently, reader Greg Brownell's unclear on the function of a restaurant reviewer ("You Don't Know Our Copy Girl," Letters, June 15). He seems to think that it's unheard-of for a food critic to actually go to restaurants and tell readers whether they should bother to dine there or not.

To Brownell, this is the height of audacity to inform the public that a cafe sucks donkey dick. Brownell seems to think that when new places open up, they are off limits to restaurant reviewers. He thinks that it's a rule that the masses must go to these shithole grubeterias for several months before a critic is allowed in.

Quite the contrary, your eminence!

What Mr. Lemons is paid to do is pulverize such places; indeed, if I were his boss, I would fire him if he didn't run such places out of business. It's a public service to give new restaurants no more than a passing chance at serving decent food. Personally, I'm tempted to burn down places that charge an arm and a leg for lousy food and/or service. It's Lemons' duty to spare us.

Methinks, Lord Brownell, you protest too much! Did your brother's joint get slammed, or something? Or maybe a cafe you've got a stake in? Or, dear Brownell, maybe your own taste is severely lacking. Maybe you should just stick to the Burger King franchises you mention.

And you criticize Lemons for pomposity!? Look in the mirror!
George Mahoney, via the Internet

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