Letters from the issue of Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Don't ask Joe . . . It's a secret!: It's very interesting how Joe Arpaio refuses to tell anybody just why he needs to send all those deputies to Honduras. Something about some gang coming in here, but don't ask him . . . It's a secret.

He doesn't get to play it that way! Somebody in this county needs to tell this lying old goat that he must come clean on this — with specifics — or charges will be filed. Because, I'm certain, that when and if he did come clean, charges would be filed against him or somebody(s) in his employ.

And for Governor Janet Napolitano's issuing a proclamation about this corrupt bullshit . . . Now that's rich! She and Arpaio have been in bed with each other for years, as The Bird notes, so what should we expect from Napolitano! It all makes me sick.
Rick Nance, Phoenix

So many good questions here: Since when is it the role of a county sheriff's office to conduct business outside the United States? We have federal agencies to do this. And why, as taxpayers, are we allowing this?

Joe and County Attorney Andrew Thomas should be removed from office immediately. And why isn't Janet [Napolitano] doing anything about this?

I'm outraged that [Thomas and Arpaio] are not arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Let them both spend a little time in Tent City.
Ron Mahan, Phoenix

Dumbest voters in the world?: First, it was 30 grand in RICO money [used for alleged MCSO training in Honduras], now it's 34 grand. None of that includes counting the 81 grand (estimate) of county-paid salaries and overtime that also needs to be added to the total costs.

How convenient that Arpaio says it's only 30 grand but leaves everything else out. Typical of Arpaio, Hendershott and the goons. They always seem to lie or leave out facts about everything they do.

Then it states [that the MCSO has taken] 1 million photos in Honduras [to help to stem gang activity], now it's 5 million.

How much does it take, and how much does it have to cost Maricopa taxpayers to see how full of shit Arpaio, Hendershott, and the goons are?

How many lies can they get away with before the general public wakes up? How many people need to die in Maricopa County jails? How many more millions of dollars have to be paid out over the $43 million [and counting] that has already been paid out for civil suits?

Arizona voters have got to be the dumbest voters in the world.

The governor, the county Board of Supervisors, they're all a joke. Typical politics in Arizona: One of them lies, and they all swear to it while looking the other way.

They all need to be replaced with politicians that care about the welfare of the public, and not their personal agendas — if that's even possible when it comes to politicians.

Obviously, none of these leaders has any ethics or morals and could care less about being laughed at by the rest of the United States.
Jim Cozzolino, Phoenix

Throw the bums out: The unconstitutional thug Joe Arpaio and his little, newspaper-arresting Nazi sidekick [Andrew Thomas] celebrated that the recall against them has ended [because not enough signatures were gathered inside the time limit allowed]. Well, Arpaio should know that it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings (or, in his case, until he's out of office and indicted where he belongs).

I am getting very tired of our governor's letting these thugs get away with murder in Maricopa County. Many people who are afraid to so state publicly are saying that Governor Napolitano has helped quash, directly or indirectly, investigations that have been conducted on this anti-American/Arizonan/drugstore cowboy [Arpaio].

The governor should know that there is such a thing as karma and that to continue to let the Abu Ghraib-like conditions kill, maim, and dehumanize prisoners (many who have not been convicted) is a disgrace and black eye on my native state of Arizona. I had to witness these type of conditions while stationed in Iraq, and I'll be damned if I will let it occur in our beautiful state of Arizona!

We will continue to pursue all legal, constitutional, and nonviolent civil actions against these two thugs, Arpaio and Thomas, until they are thrown out of office.
Leonard Clark, Arpaio-Thomas recall chairman

Janet's fan base is dwindling: Since you first gave us this news about Janet Napolitano, I've been shocked! This is a woman who I'd always admired. Now, I have second thoughts.

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