Letters from the issue of Thursday, March 20, 2008

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All those years that two college-educated professionals could not work in their career fields because it would put us over the income level [to get government assistance]. And, remember, no insurance would cover anyone in the family!

Second, we were not members of any church at all, so your comment about our religion making a difference in deciding to help Drew live was off the mark. It was our personal values and morality, and isn't that enough for a personal family decision?

Third, who would [the letter-writer] suggest make these life-and-death decisions?

If government money is not used for the support of those most vulnerable in society, most dependent and most unable to ever "pay their own way," then what is a government for? Oh, yeah, perhaps some people would rather all their taxes go for more bombs and weapons for the War of Terror.

I could have made a career and income to support myself, but instead I spent 28 years struggling to make ends meet. Now I face old age with no security at all. But then I made my choice.

Meanwhile, this family, consisting of myself and my three sons, does its best see that Drew is taken care of and survives each day. When I'm gone into the great beyond, I just hope that there is a government system that not only supports him, but does so with an adequate quality of life. It's looking grim out there, and it will get worse.

BJ Bolender, Phoenix
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