Letters from the issue of Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Pity the ignorant [fools] who allow TV [coverage on Sheriff Arpaio's latest stunt] to dictate their small minds. And now certain officials are using the churches to run around telling people how to prevent crime? That is not the job of a chief prosecutor.

Who else is watching these three musketeers [Arpaio, Andrew Thomas and Dennis Wilenchik]? Look what happened to Mitt Romney when he teamed up with "an incompetent vaudevillian campaigning for a duplicitous moron," to quote the Tucson Citizen. [Arpaio officially backed Romney for president.] Surely this can't be the best the Republican Party has to offer.
Name withheld by request

Thanks for the heads-up: Thanks for watching out for us. Officials in the Sheriff's Office are showing no remorse for their thug-like actions against Joe Arpaio's enemies, New Times, and its readers. They need to be made to understand that there will be repercussions for their actions. They don't get that at all. Somebody — perhaps the feds or the Attorney General's Office — needs to step in.

How do I know? Because I work in the Sheriff's Office and know that people like [Chief Deputy] David Hendershott and [flack] Paul Chagolla would love nothing better than to exact further actions against New Times. They are just trying to figure out exactly how to go about it.

Here's a warning, New Times staff: Look over your shoulders, because the criminals in this office are waiting to pounce.
Name withheld by request

A sight to behold, indeed: A county sheriff marketing trinkets as his own personal "brand" and using taxpayer money is something beyond belief! By allowing him to build his "brand" at taxpayers' expense, we now have an out-of-control criminal justice system and overrun courts, jails, and prisons.

Who gets the money from the bobbleheads and other trinkets? And who foots the bill? Something is very wrong with this picture.

Hopefully, the lawsuit will find the missing answers. I won't miss a day of the trial. It will be an event to behold. This is the publicity the public needs to see.
Name withheld by request

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