Letters from the issue of Thursday, May 1, 2008

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I had the privilege of working alongside Cliff Young during my last 13 years [at ADOT] of service and found him dedicated to his duties. Until such time as Governor Janet Napolitano takes a good look at what is going on with ADOT management, the pettiness will continue and the transportation needs of the citizens of Arizona will suffer.
J.R. Romley, Gilbert


It's still a crime: I can appreciate that Phil Cisneros should not have died in prison, that he may not have been of any particular danger to anyone at the time of his imprisonment. That said, the fact that he did not hit or kill anyone while driving drunk was as much a matter of luck as not ("One Drink Wonder," Sarah Fenske, March 20).

Just because you did not kill anyone when you shot a gun in the air does not make it any less a crime.

By driving drunk, he put people in danger. On Easter Sunday in Chandler, my sister's car was struck by a drunk driver. He never even slowed down; he continued on until he pulled into a parking lot and hung up his car on a median, where he was found and arrested.

I held my sister when she collapsed; she spent a few hours in the ER and luckily will be okay. Who knows how many times this person had driven drunk with no consequence?

Cisneros was lucky, as was everyone near him on the road while he drove drunk.
Louis Roundtree, via the Internet

Scared of MADD: It's refreshing to see someone finally reporting the truth regarding the state's attempt to curb traffic accidents related to drinking.

Everyone is scared to broach the subject at the cost of offending Mothers Against Drunk Driving or anyone who has ever had someone they know hurt or, God forbid, killed by a drunk driver.

The vast majority of accidents aren't related to drinking. I know that people who have two or three drinks with dinner are not the people who're fading across two lanes of traffic and killing innocent people. However, this is the group that the state has decided to go after.

I really feel for the two women you wrote about, and feel that they are a perfect example of a faulty system. There is so much pressure on police! Why do we bother having legal limits if they really don't mean anything?
Name withheld by request

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