Letters from the issue of Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Arpaio thinks he's got the senior-citizen vote locked up, but I can attest that nobody I know is voting for him. As a senior myself, I've done all I can to point out to my friends what a power-mad liar the sheriff has become.

Vote for Dan Saban in November, and maybe we can be rid of this embarrassment.
Frank Williams, Phoenix

Anybody remember the Nazis?: Consorting with Nazis and white supremacists, acting as if (because he wears a badge and a gun) he can run roughshod over the rest of us, if he so chooses?

I'm an old man, and consorting with Nazis used to be a real problem for anybody who dared do it in this country. Now, traitors to America like Arpaio can just do as they please, even when they hold public office ("Resident Evil," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, March 27).

Does anybody out there even remember what Hitler did to millions of Jews, what he did to the world? Now, our sheriff thinks nothing of using Gestapo tactics to get information out of the mayor of Phoenix. And this isn't the worst of it: He throws people who oppose him in jail, smears them, whatever he sees fit to do.
R.L. Weinstein, Phoenix

We're sick of having to write about him: This Sarah Fenske article really infuriates me! I'm sick of reading about this piece of shit Arpaio. Something has got to be done about him. Why doesn't the U.S. Attorney's Office step up? Please, somebody must take a stand against this tyrant!
Ronny Johnson, Phoenix

November and beyond?: Arpaio and his goons are so out of control it's actually becoming dangerous for all Maricopa County citizens. When does this tyrant meet his end? When does Arpaio finally pay for all the death, destruction, and lives he's destroying in his wake?
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Filth? Vermin? Death wishes?: Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the only true patriot we have in Maricopa County. People like Mayor Gordon are filth.

All Gordon and his kind are doing is promoting illegal activity. They are attempting to keep the sheriff from doing what the people want him to do — which is rid this county and this state of the vermin Mexicans who are sucking our economy dry.

Joe Arpaio should have his own state holiday. Maybe when he's dead, which is all people like Gordon want to see happen.
Name withheld by request

A dirty job: What about illegal in the term "illegal aliens" does Mayor Gordon not understand?! All Joe Arpaio is doing is what the citizens around here want him to do: round up illegal-alien shit-birds and show 'em the door, or jail.

I'm happy that Joe's stuck to his guns, no matter what all the liberal media have to say about him. I say, consider the source.
Name withheld by request

Don't let freedom die: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigration solution . . . It's [similar to] Hitler's final solution. We have Nazis among our politicians.

Hitler didn't need to get cloned; his spirit was implanted in our culture. Now it's the immigration situation that's the fuel. Blame it on the illegals. Don't allow them to work, rent, get driver's licenses. The Jews were Germany's scapegoats; in America, it's the illegals. It always starts by targeting someone different, this keeping the Nazi spirit alive.

Gathering them up, stopping them in minor traffic violations, deporting them, maybe even killing them, losing them in the transport so they don't return. Remember how all of Germany looked on, without lifting a finger to stop such tactics?

How many of us said it would never happen here? That is, us just standing by, as [the government] targeted a specific group, claiming it's for the good of the country.

My dad once said: Communism and Nazism will one day take over our nation. Not from without but from within. No war will be necessary. Like a virus, a sickness, a decay, another Holocaust will be upon us.

Wake up, people! Don't let freedom die!
Name withheld by request


Non-breeding all the way: I'm afraid Sarah Fenske is not off to a very good start in her quest to be a responsible dog "mother." If Ms. Fenske has the time, money, and patience to devote to a dog, she should go to an animal shelter, visit, or contact a reputable breed rescue group — not a breeder ("Other Nature," May 8).

Every time a breeder brings another animal into the world, an animal sitting in a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a loving home. Between six million and eight million animals enter U.S. shelters each year; half must be euthanized. Many (about 25 percent of dogs who enter shelters) are purebred.

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