Letters From the Issue of Thursday, May 24, 2007

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A peer-reviewed article in Pediatrics (Vol. 105, April 2000, concluded that "the evidence is sufficient to determine that the ketogenic diet is [effective] in reducing seizure frequency in children with refractory epilepsy." A ketogenic diet consists primarily of fat- and protein-rich foods such as meat, butter and cream — the types of foods the Parker family avoided — with very limited intake of the carbohydrate-rich plant foods the Parker family preferred.

A ketogenic diet can meet all nutritional requirements for children and adults and has no adverse effects on health provided it includes [exclusively] unprocessed muscle and organ meats and bones and low-carbohydrate fresh vegetables or fruits. Previous to their acculturation, Eskimos raised their children on a similar diet for centuries with excellent developmental results.
Don Matesz, Tempe

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