Letters from the issue of Thursday, May 29, 2008


Editor's note: Letters and comments poured into New Times after publication of Ray Stern's "Dirty Deeds" article (May 15). Many readers requested anonymity or listed only partial names, phony names, or Internet handles. A smattering of the responses follows:

Got the goods on Bosworth: I'm sure there were many Bosworths out there when real estate was selling fast and furious in the Phoenix area. I mean, unscrupulous agents (though Mark never even got his real estate license) who would stop at nothing — even forgery — to make money from less-savvy customers.

I'm just glad that New Times got the goods on one of them and told the public the unvarnished truth. How Mark Bosworth sleeps at night I'll never know! I'm Mormon, and I can say without question that he's a poor representative of our church. Our church doesn't condone charlatans and liars.

I implore Arizona Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wercinski to make an example of the Bosworth enterprises so that the citizens of this state can rest assured that vagabonds like Mark and his brother, Russell, will not be tolerated. We need to know that people like the Bosworths will be brought to justice, that it's not just open season on innocent consumers.

Thanks to New Times for bringing out the truth once again in our community.
Betty Jessop, Phoenix

Bosworths seem headed for hard times: Mark Bosworth and his brother, Russell, need to go to jail. And it sure sounds like that's just where they're heading. The state real estate commissioner seems loaded for bear when it comes to these guys.

Never have I been so proud of a public official as I was when I read Sam Wercinski's comments in the New Times article. You go, girl!
Tara Knight, Phoenix

A Bosworth apologist speaks: Mark's guilty of nothing! Everyone loves to hate a rich and successful man, but the truth is . . . all that happened was, he lost a lawsuit!
Dave Wundell, Phoenix

Just bad P.R.: Surely you have something better to do than insult a good man. My hat goes off to you, Mark. You have been a mentor to me, along with people such as Tom Hopkins and Dolf DeRoos. It's too bad you have to receive this bad publicity.
Harriet Luold, Chandler

Giving real estate a bad name: The story about Mark Bosworth would have been unbelievable had Ray Stern not uncovered so many facts and had he not caught Bosworth and his cronies in so many untruths. Way to go, New Times!

Guys like Bosworth need to be brought down. This kind of thing cannot be allowed to happen. For once, I'm so glad that the state is stepping in and doing something. Kudos to Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wercinski.

It's not like we aren't wary of real estate types from the get-go, but most of them really are honest. A guy like Bosworth just reinforces the prejudices against the real estate industry.

I hope he goes to jail because he's already been prohibited from engaging in real estate in Arizona and that didn't work.
Tom Fitzgerald, Tucson

Bosworth — a "magnificent man": I was once a client of The Boz's. He helped me make great investments. I found him to be kind, inspirational, and giving. It's too bad he's being demonized. Nothing has been proved. Did anyone forget that? Leave him alone, and get a life.

It's too bad that people act like Mark's friend to his face but take every advantage to slander him behind his back. I once worked for Mark, and all I can say is that he was a great leader; he was brilliant and inspirational. He was kind to all around him and he made everyone his friend. He would go out of his way to help people in need.

Since when are articles in New Times credible and respect-worthy? You may as well go read the Star! This is a magnificent man. I would give him my reference any day on character and power.

Justice will prevail for The Boz: Mark Bosworth steered me away from a couple of questionable deals and did so without trying to sell me anything. And until he's proved to have done something wrong in the criminal courts, let's leave him alone. Let the justice system deal with it. That's why we pay taxes.

The guy's a crook: The issue here is that Mark Bosworth's an effin' crook. Anyone can act like they give a damn. This guy was a pro at it. As a former employee, I have up-front experience with him.

There's no issue about the fact that he had a fantastic business idea. The issue is, he's a fraud. He steals from grieving widows as well as his own employees.

Employees have lost everything: Do some research and you will see his own employees believed in his product, and several have lost everything.

So [current employees], stop taking it in the ass. And stop blowing Mark while you ride in the car my investment paid for. That is, go get a damn job that pays you with un-stolen money.

Get a clue! If you need some help, go to, click on case history and do some reading.

Yep, it's going to get worse: Question the integrity of any employees who still work for Mark Bosworth's companies! This person built an incredible empire, got greedy, and has now left everyone to pick up the pieces.

This powerful speaker preaches honesty and integrity when he himself hasn't been even close to that. What a letdown. Just when I thought declining property values were the worst I had to deal with.

I think I'll call and cancel my rentals. Damn, this is disappointing. This must be why my management fees have doubled.

Still feeling the pain: The truth is, I am unhappy with my own life, so I try to make other people miserable, and I have nothing better to do than talk about Mark Bosworth. This is my big moment where I get to judge and act like I know all the facts (even when I don't). Most of all I get cheap thrills from belittling my fellow man.

Another unhappy Bosworth victim: As a former customer of the Bosworth B.S., I'm happy to see that someone finally nailed that little crook.

The properties that Bosworth's companies got me into are down more than $100,000 each and are still bleeding me out of $2,000 per month, on each property. I found out that Bosworth increased the purchase prices on the properties so he could get paid double commissions.

At least I moved the properties to an honest property-management company with whom I don't have to worry about bogus repair charges or lies from the Bosworth disciples at Home America (I see he changed the name to

I hope they fit Bosworth for an orange jumpsuit, but I'm not sure if Tommy Bahama has a prison line yet.

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