Letters From the Issue of Thursday, October 25, 2007

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Who owns the vending machines and the telephones at the county jails, and how much money is made by the county and by the owners from the revenues of said vending machines and telephones? There has been a ridiculous rumor going around that the Arpaio family profits from them, and since he's such a stand-up guy, I can't possibly believe it to be true. It would just seem so directly in conflict with the best interest of his arrests and incarceration record if he could be deemed to profit from having people locked up.

Please consider these suggestions for future articles.
Liz Fournier, via the Internet

Guts and dedication: Thank you for doing what's right, and printing true stories as they unfold. It takes guts and dedication to keep the public informed. What the Sheriff's Office did — arresting Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin — was criminal. Arpaio's tactics are Hitler-like.

He tries to keep people afraid of speaking up and telling the truth. He no doubt abuses his authority. I know in time he will be a member of his own Tent City. Please don't let this bully intimidate your staff.

We are Americans, and have the right to print and speak of any issue that concerns us and of any elected official. Keep up the good work.
James Jacobs, Cave Creek

Write on, right on: When I heard for the first time that the Sheriff's Office had not only attacked your newspaper (our "fourth estate" is supposed to be protected by the Constitution) but also that government was in the process of investigating readers, I was appalled.

So I went online to read the article, even though this action might very well have put me in line to be charged and arrested. Well, I didn't participate in the sit-ins or marches of the '60s and '70s, but I did read Thoreau. And my mother raised me to believe that no one has the right to censor what we read — at least not in this country. Write on.
Karen Baker, Phoenix

Hearing your calls for help: I have heard many Arizona natives say they are willing to give up some of their freedoms to protect the flag — the true symbol of America.

Thank you, New Times staff, for holding the true ideals in your heart and fighting for these rights. Facing a grand jury is scary, but you faced it.

There was a poster at a meeting hall I used to frequent that said: "When they came for the shop owner, I looked the other way. When they came for my neighbor, I did not listen to him calling me. Now they come for me, and who will help me?"

New Times, thank you for hearing my call for help.
Richard Chantala, Mesa

Porn, perfume, and us? We’re honored: I'll spare Joe and Andy the trouble of subpoenaing my Internet-viewing habits. I look at porn, perfume reviews, and New Times. There, nothing diabolical about that. Just tell me where the protest is for this blatant injustice, and I'll be there with bells on.
Kelly Battese, Phoenix

We will, Jon: I just want to congratulate you on your stance against this government intrusion. As a loyal reader since 1976, I had come to expect you to take a strong stand. Keep up the good fight.
Jon Bennett, Tempe

Time will tell: What a political liability the obviously stupid-as-shit Dennis Wilenchik turned out to be for the County Attorney! Trying to influence a judge behind the scenes. What an idiot!

I can't believe anybody would hire this fool to represent them after this. Hopefully, he will be forced to stop practicing law. There's no justice if this clown continues to keep a law license.

Guys like Wilenchik make me glad that I moved to a civilized state where the rule of law must be followed, or else.
Ted Johnson, Los Angeles

Andy doth protest too much?: Andrew Thomas needs to be put on a bus to Mexico along with Dennis Wilenchik, Barnett Lotstein and Joe Arpaio. Nothing but Nazi pigs they all are.

Once again, Thomas and Joke Arpaio have shown their true colors. The only reason Thomas backed off New Times was that he was headed down a street of no return public opinion-wise. Otherwise, you can bet he would have taken this the full limit.

Don't think this clown didn't know for a minute what was going on through the entire ordeal. Both Thomas and Bozo Joke need to go.
Jim Cozzolino, Phoenix

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