LGBT Advocates Cast a Pall on the Phoenix PD and the Valley's Gay Community

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When police asked Laieski at what point his relationship with Wilson changed, he said it was while he worked in the Mayor's Office, when Wilson and then-Councilman Simplot bought him work clothes and suits.

"I was wearing the same three to four shirts . . . and people [were] recognizing it," Laieski said. "After that, it was kind of like, I mean, my chemistry with Chris had to change. It can't be professional anymore because now he's coming to make an impact in my life."

He said the impact was "huge" and "we just got closer."

Laieski shared with police that no one helped him when he was bullied repeatedly in school. He said incidents were reported to the Surprise Police Department, which didn't pursue his complaints because of a lack of evidence.

"Kids swerved [in their cars] and pretended to run me over because I was gay," he told investigators. "Um, my mom, she used to be on hard drugs and was never there to be a mom. Um, and I basically had to raise myself when I lived with her . . . And now she does alcohol and prescriptions, but at least she's not doing coke."

Laieski said he was close with his dad, but there is nothing in the reports about where the father resides or why Laieski didn't live with him at least some of the time.

On a few occasions, Wilson took Laieski to his home and "got touchy," the former Mayor's Office advocate said.

Once, they were watching a movie and sitting apart until Wilson moved closer to Laieski. Both ended up with their pants down, according to police reports.

Another time, after Wilson arranged for the teen to get on a state-funded health plan so he could go to the dentist, the then-officer had the teen spend the night because they were to visit the dentist the next day, Laieski told police, adding that they slept in the same bed.

Laieski told investigators that he felt uncomfortable with Wilson's sexual advances, largely because of their age difference.

It was the handful of such sexual encounters between Wilson and Laieski that led to the threesome at Laieski's apartment.

Joey's mother found out about the incident after confiscating her son's phone and searching his text messages. She found one stating that Joey had made out with an older man.

According to Laieski, Joey had accounts on a couple of gay hook-up websites, including Grindr, a mobile app that uses GPS to show locations of the nearest Grindr members. And the teen admitted to police that he'd engaged in other sexual acts before the incident with Wilson.

"He's texting people that he met off Grindr — um, older men, and there was one wanting to engage in a threesome . . . and [Joey] responded, saying, 'Don't worry, I made out with a 40-year-old man,'" Laieski told police.

When the teen's mom read this, she confronted her son, and he eventually told her what had transpired.

The mother "was horrified to find out that her son had been sexually molested" by Wilson, her attorney wrote in the claim against the city. She called the Avondale Police Department on August 4, 2012 to report the incident, and on August 7, she checked her son into a patient-care facility for "depression and suicide ideation."

The same day, an employee of the care center reported the incident to the PPD, which arranged a "confrontation call" with Wilson, in which he admitted to the sexual contact. As a search warrant was obtained for Wilson's home, he was placed under police surveillance.

Wilson probably knew that his arrest was imminent because Laieski had called him to let him know that Joey's mom was contemplating calling police.

Laieski said Wilson warned him that he, too, could get in trouble because of his relationship with Joey.

As the cops kept watch on Wilson's home, Jim Bloom showed up with some soup for his friend.

A few days later, Bloom told police that he'd gone to Wilson's house because Wilson was feeling ill.

Police said Bloom and Wilson "were planning on going to dinner, but Chris told him he was not feeling well."

It wasn't until a day after Wilson's arrest that Bloom learned of his friend's situation.

"I heard about it in the morning from Councilman Tom Simplot. He got a call, and he came over [and] told me about it," Bloom told police, adding that he and Simplot have been friends for about 25 years. "He simply told me Chris has been arrested for, I guess, sexual molestation. And then we just sat there and thought, 'Oh, my God, how can this be?' We were shocked."

Bloom said Wilson had mentioned Laieski only in the context of Laieski's being "in some serious need of clothes and help."

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