Life in the Fast Lane: Arizona Schools Chief Tom Horne Busted for Speeding Six Times in Last 18 Months

We know Sammy Hagar "can't drive 55," and it seems as though Arizona Department of Education Superintendent Tom Horne suffers from the same affliction.

In the last 18 months, Horne has been ticketed for speeding six times "that he is aware of," including once while zipping through a school zone.

Horne tells the Arizona Republic that he blames the majority of the tickets on fluctuating speed limits on State Route 51, the Piestewa Freeway, where he received two tickets on two consecutive days last November.

"It's what you might call a speed trap because it's the same highway," Horne says. "It's not like I was driving recklessly on the 51. If you don't pay close attention, it's easy to do."

Maybe he's right. Why would anyone want to pay attention to their surroundings when they're driving a car?

One of Horne's tickets was issued on Interstate 10 back in January at about 3 a.m.. He says his son was driving his car at the time.

As for the speedy superintendent's school zone infraction, Horne doesn't buy it.

"It was frustrating, because there was no school," he says of the March 2008 incident.

But there was a school.

The ticket was issued on 5th Avenue in downtown Phoenix, just outside the Thomas J. Pappas Maricopa County Regional Education Center.

In defense of Horne, and given Arizona's nationally recognized under-performing schools, he may have been on to something; while we know there was a school, there were probably no students actually learning anything inside.

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