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And what of the key players? Jack Brown is maintaining a low profile somewhere in California. The Harrises are still living in the Phoenix area.

Because of State Farm's appeal, it will be years, if then, before the Harrises see any of the $900,000 awarded them more than two years ago.

Now eleven, Tina Harris is a fine, seemingly well-adjusted student at a local private school. But a psychologist who has counseled Tina says she continues to mistrust all but a few adult males in her life. And she has more bad dreams than she should. Dr. Herb Collier says Tina has been permanently affected by Jack Brown's molestations, and that her prognosis for a mentally stable future remains guarded.

Tina rarely mentions Jack Brown anymore. "I don't dream about him and I don't think about him," she told Dr. Collier a few years ago. "He's a real jerk."

Every child molester should have Jack Brown's good fortune. Jack Brown hasn't had to pay for his crimes. In fact, he's asked his insurance company to do it for him.

In the Brown case, the hunger for money has been stronger than the desire for vengeance.

They lived in the rich, white, insulated world of Paradise Valley, but their security was deceptive.

In a just world, detectives would have snapped up Brown's written confession and sprinted to a grand jury for a criminal indictment.

Heidi Harris may have smelled a potential windfall. She sued Brown in 1988 for "wrongfully, illegally and improperly" molesting Tina.

"I am rather shocked that there has not been a more rigorous pursuit criminally.

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