Lil Wayne Apparently A Lot Funnier Now That He's in Jail and Off that "Purple Drank"

Legally challenged hip-hopster Lil Wayne, currently serving a year-long jail sentence in New York, is apparently a pretty funny dude now that he's not in a "purple-drank"-and-weed-induced haze.

"Purple drank," for those not hip to the rap scene, is a mixture of prescription-strength cough syrup, 7-Up, and broken-up pieces of Jolly Ranchers. Apparently, it gets you pretty high.

Weezy's reportedly detoxed during his time as a guest of the county in New York and his old pal, "Fat Joe" -- another player in the rap game -- says Wayne is "much funnier" as a result.

"Joe" was on MTV News yesterday to talk about Lil Wayne, who recently received a "lil" slap on the wrist from an Arizona judge after pleading guilty to drug charges last week.


"Lil Wayne, it's such a shame," Joe told MTV News. "He's in great spirits. I love Lil Wayne; that's like my little brother. He's just the coolest dude on Earth. I tell you one thing, him not being high made me realize how much funnier he is. This guy has jokes. We were up in there for four hours, just telling jokes, dying laughing, falling on the

"He's a beautiful dude," Joe continued. "He did what he did. He had a gun on him, but people don't really know how much of a great father that he is, great of a person he is, a friend, a loyal dude. He's charismatic. It's just sad to see him over there like that, but I'm
pretty sure he learned his lesson, and he's gonna be focused."


Weezy better do all he can to keep off the codeine-based concoctions he so famously discusses in his lyrics -- once he gets out of the hoosegow in New York he'll begin serving a three-year probation sentence here in Sand Land. 

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