Mary Rose Wilcox Is the Only CD7 Candidate Who Voices Opposition to Legalizing Marijuana

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Reverend Jarrett Maupin, Randy Camacho, a teacher, and Attorney Jose Penalosa, an Independent, share essentially the same talking points on the economy, on the Veterans Administration's failures, and education. (Ruben Gallego, another CD7 candidate, was on a plane heading back from meetings and fundraisers in Washington, D.C. and missed the forum, which was co-moderated by Mary Robago, a former Univision anchor, and Joe Garcia, of Morrison Institute Latino Public Policy Center at Arizona State University. The forum was organized by the Raul H. Castro Institute of Phoenix College and One Arizona, a non-partisan partnership dedicated to voter registration.

The candidate's comments on legalizing pot:


I think it should be legalized because as long as we have a broken VA, if our veterans want to smoke some weed so they don't have some psychotropic crisis ... they should be able to. I'm for it because you can tax it, and taxes put more money in our coffers. I'm for it because you can regulate it. And another reason I'm for it is because somebody in your family uses it ... And the main reason I want to legalize and regulate it so we keep our young people who are pulled over with something on them out of prison. You should not go to jail for five years for having a baggie of something in your car. Let's get real.


We are headed toward legalization. I myself favor it as well. It's time, and we do need to regulate it.


Medical marijuana law did pass and we are looking at the results of it. And it has been a relief for many people with chronic pain ... (but) no, I don't support legalizing marijuana for everyone. I do not."


It's a natural plant ... but what happens, it's been abused by people.
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