Mayor Gordon: The Band -- Phoenix Phil's Thrashy Alter Ego is "Built to Paddle Your Bum"

Mayor Gordon urges you to drink heavily and mosh to his primo Norwegian thrash music.


No, we're not talking about our own Mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon.

Mayor Gordon's the name of a metal act with a MySpace page, fan videos on YouTube and everything. They're actually not bad, by our standards, though it's possible their Arizona counterpart has more fans at this stage of their career. Here's how Mayor Gordon bills itself:

About Mayor Gordon Mayor Gordon is a hard-hitting five-piece, built to last, built to paddle your bum.

Gotta love it.

The band was founded in early 2003 by Ørjan P and Lars C, who joined forces with local heroes Kristian G, Johnny Dollar and Frode F to form a powerful brotherhood of pure rock and roll. Over the years Mayor Gordon has evolved into a spectacularly compact live act, thrashing out blood, sweat and tits to anyone willing to listen.

The fall of 2005 saw the release of their first official EP, with a second entitled "Tossing Grenades in a Fruit Fight" to follow late 2006. Watch this space!

They've even got a blog on MySpace -- well, sort of. They have a grand total of four entries, including:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

There is a party in your mouth and everyone is coming... get it?

Getting drunk tonight, new coverart for our EP check it out! DRINK HARD!


Party on, Mayor!

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