MCSO Reneges on Meal For Winner of Joe Arpaio's Inmate Coloring Contest

If the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office ever offers you a "meal of [your] choice," what it really means is a meal you can get at a drive-thru.

As we noted yesterday, Fourth Avenue Jail inmate Michael Wunsch won Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's inaugural Inmate Coloring Contest (yes, coloring contests -- as well as Elvis-themed panty parties -- actually go on in MCSO jails) to commemorate "Queen," a pitbull that lived in the MCSO's MASH Unit for eight years. Queen died a few weeks ago.

The winner of the contest was promised a "meal of their choice," so we found it a little odd that with all of the Valley's culinary treasures, Wunsch went with a grilled stuffed burrito from Taco Bell.

"They told me any fast food place," Wunsch tells New Times.

"Any fast food place" is a far cry from a "meal of their choice."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio seemed disappointed that his top PR flack Lisa Allen didn't make good on the MCSO's promise, asking her, "I thought he could have anything he wanted?"

"We're not gonna go to Ruth's Crist," Allen answered the sheriff.

As you can see in the above photo, Arpaio wasn't too thrilled with the Mexican pizza he attempted to eat as Wunsch gobbled up what he says is the first meal he's had in over a year that wasn't cooked in a correctional institution.

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