Mesa Doc Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patients Pleads Not Guilty

The Mesa doctor accused of sexually assaulting and abusing several of his patients was in a Maricopa County Superior Court today where he pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Gabriel Ogbonnaya's charged with 14 counts of sexual abuse and sexual assault stemming from incidents dating back to 2007.

Victims say Ogbonnaya, a doctor with the Healing Touch group, made sexual advances toward them -- including patting their vaginas and insisting they "have more sex" -- despite the victims being adamant that his behavior was unwanted, according to court documents acquired by New Times.

One of the victims says she was in the doctor's office for a visit last month and was placed in an examination room.

Once Ogbonnaya entered the room, the women says, he immediately started caressing her face and -- while standing face-to-face with the victim -- leaned in and put his forehead against hers.

After the alleged face-time with the doc was over, Ogbonnaya, the victim claims, started rubbing her neck and telling her how beautiful she is.

Then, the victim claims, Ogbonnaya told her to "keep breathing," as he rubbed her chest for three-to-five minutes.

Ogbonnaya -- after hugging the victim and telling her how much he cared for her -- then repeatedly "tapped" her vagina and asked, "Are you still doing this?"

According to court docs, Ogbonnaya was referring to advice he'd given the victim during a previous visit. That advice, court docs claim, was to have more sex and find a new boyfriend.

Ogbonnaya then offered to "pick up" the victim, who's married, so they could go jogging together.

Police paid Ogbonnaya a visit at work a few days later and note that the first thing he said upon seeing the cops was, "I am under arrest."

Police say Ogbonnaya was involved in a similar incident, with a different victim, on December 4, of last year.

In that case, the victim made similar allegations that Ogbonnaya had "tapped" her vagina and encouraged her to have more sex. 

Since the original allegations, several more victims have come forward with similar stories.

Ogbonnaya's medical license has been suspended but, he remains free on bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for August 26.

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