Mesa Doc's Lawyer "Will not be Trying This Case in the Media" -- a Guarantee She Ironically Made at a Press Conference

Jan Buescher, the lawyer of Dr. Gabriel Ogbonnaya -- the Mesa physician accused of sexually abusing several of his patients -- held a press conference yesterday to announce that, among other things, she "will not be trying this case in the media."

Could have fooled us.

Last week, Buescher sent us an email saying Ogbonnaya would not be charged criminally for allegations that he sexually abused two of his patients.

About 25 minutes later, we spoke to Mesa police Detective Steve Berry who said that not only were the original charges against the doctor still active, but he had been re-arrested on several new charges just an hour before our conversation.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, victims say Ogbonnaya, a doctor with the Healing Touch group, made sexual advances toward them -- including patting their vaginas and insisting they "have more sex" -- despite the victims adamantly saying the behavior was unwanted.
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Buescher has used Ogbonnaya's case to bash the Mesa Police Department for its investigation, which has now found several alleged victims of Ogbonnaya's "healing touch."

During yesterday's press conference, Buescher used the opportunity to again attack the Mesa PD, this time for the second arrest of Ogbonnaya, saying officers told the physician's staff that the PD didn't need "a fucking warrant -- we're the police," before slapping the cuffs on him at his Mesa clinic.

Buescher went on to say, "Every healthcare provider in Arizona should be terrified today."

Buescher claims to have never seen the police report in the case and has no idea how many charges the doctor is facing.

"Let me ask you a question -- do any of you know how many charges my client is facing?" Buescher asked reporters.

As a matter of fact, we do -- according to Berry, Ogbonnaya's tally of charges now stands at eight counts of sexual abuse and two counts of sexual assault.

Glad we could clear that up for you, Ms. Buescher. Looks like you'll be busy.

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