Michael Cohn Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Wife in Their Scottsdale Home

Michael Cohn, the 61-year-old Scottsdale resident accused of murdering his wife Linda inside their North Scottsdale home on March 27, has pleaded not guilty.

Of course, that's just his plea. Cohn told a 911 dispatcher that day, "I just killed my wife."

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We posted the audio of that call a few days ago (you can also find it below), as Cohn seemed extremely calm after he'd just killed his wife of more than 26 years.

The operator asked whether paramedics could come into the house, near Bell Road and Thompson Peak Parkway, to treat his wife, but Cohn said it was "too late."

Cohn repeatedly was asked what had happened, but he said nothing for a while.

Eventually, he replied, "I strangled her."

Again, Cohn was asked whether his wife needed paramedics and, again, Cohn said it was too late.

The dispatcher was persistent, asking whether Cohn was sure, and whether paramedics could go in the home.

Cohn replied, "You can try."

The dispatcher asked Cohn whether he would give his wife CPR if they gave him instructions on how to do it, and he just said that her tongue was hanging out of her mouth.

By the time officers arrived, Cohn simply opened the front door and was detained.

Cohn, who had blood on his shirt, told police "that he had strangled his wife with his bare hands and that she had been dead for about an hour," according to court documents previously obtained by New Times.

Officers found Linda dead on the floor in a bathroom, but she was still warm to the touch. Linda's neck was discolored and blood was dripping from her nose and right eye.

Linda was a psychologist in Scottsdale, and Michael used to be a licensed psychologist, too.

The only person we spoke to who was counseled by Michael said she saw him about two decades ago, so it's not clear how long he's been out of the business.

With Cohn's not-guilty plea to a charge of first-degree murder, his next court date is scheduled for May 29.

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