Michael Moore Says He's Not Coming Back to Arizona Until State "Elects a Democrat as Senator"

Michael Moore, the ultra-liberal film director who brought us Fahrenheit 9/11 and his latest jab at democracy, Capitalism: A Love Story, was in Arizona to attend the 16th Annual Sedona International Film Festival, where he vowed to not come back to our state until it elects a Democratic U.S. senator.

Considering how unlikely it is that a Democrat will be elected to the Senate from Arizona anytime soon, we may never see Moore's round mound again.

Moore had some things to say about Arizona's bar scene, too. What Moore says may be true, and it isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for Arizona night life.

During a Q & A at the festival, where Moore touted his socialist healthcare plan, the distended director tried to recruit an army of missionaries to spread his liberal message throughout the "red state" of Arizona.

Moore recruited the audience to spread his message in the "redneck bars" of Arizona, extend their hands to the unenlightened hillbillies who, he says, make up the majority of the state (execept for the hippy haven of Sedona, natch).        
We have some news for Moore, before he attempts to enter any of Arizona's "redneck bars" to convert hillbillies: People bring guns into Arizona bars, and a lot of  "rednecks" probably wouldn't think twice before poppin' a cap in a chubby socialist from Michigan.

Welcome to Wild West, Mike. Yee-ha!

Check out video of Moore's comments here

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