Feathered Bastard

Michelle Ugenti's Masturbation Comment and Her Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Tea Party princess Michelle Ugenti has a mouth on her, that's for sure. 

The Republican state House Representative and former real-estate peddler was elected to represent District 8 voters in 2010, largely with the assistance of Clean Elections funding and the campaign hackery of Clean Elections-parasite Constantin Querard.

And what has Clean Elections -- essentially a form of welfare for politicians funded by court assessments and voluntary contributions from you, the taxpayer -- bought us in Ugenti? Well, let's just say the Scottsdale mom has all the class of Danny DeVito's character in the FX sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Recently, despite the fact that she owes her position to a nanny-state program for politicos, she backed a proposal to require almost all students at Arizona universities to pay $2,000 out-of-pocket, regardless of the financial aid they'd scored to help them attend school.

When some 100 college students showed up to a committee hearing to voice opposition to a law that would make going to college even harder for them than it already is, Ugenti callously remarked, "Welcome to life."

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