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Michelle Ugenti's Masturbation Comment and Her Foot-in-Mouth Disease

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Too bad we can't make this proposal retroactive, so that Arizona State University grad Ugenti could pay back out-of-pocket fees for her time in school. That's assuming mommy and daddy didn't pick up her tab.

Moreover, if Ugenti is really opposed to the free ride, she should return all of the dough Clean Elections doled out to her for her 2010 run. 

Oh, and let's eliminate any mortgage deduction she takes on her home. Ditto the income-tax deductions for her kids. I mean, if she can't pay for the rugrats, don't have them, right?

Ugenti's lowbrow approach to politics was also on display as she chaired a recent session of the House Government Committee, which had just given a do-pass recommendation to a bill that would gut the authority of the Arizona Corporation Commission, and force it to get Legislative approval for certain decisions.

As the Legislative cameras rolled, Ugenti bantered with male colleagues about how long the hearing might go on and whether there would be a break for dinner.

One of them informed Ugenti: "Michelle, I have a hot date tonight."

"No you don't, stop it," she shot back. "Your right hand doesn't count."

Makes you wanna party with that trash-talkin' GOP babe, eh? She's like the cool chick at college who likes to hang with the guys, doing shots and trading dirty jokes.

Assuming you can afford the $2K bar to get into college, that is. Otherwise, don't even bother tryin' to rub shoulders with this gal at the frat kegger.

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