Morning Poll: Are Republicans to Blame for Fiesta Bowl Fiasco?

Yesterday, Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Andrei Cherny issued a statement bashing Republicans for turning "the Fiesta Bowl into a front for funneling illegal campaign contributions to Republican politicians."

Cherny failed to mention in his statement that several of those who benefited from the alleged illegal campaign contributions, which now-former-Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker was dishing out to lawmakers, were Democrats.

See the full report on Junker here.

The majority of those who pocketed shady cash from Junker, however, were Republicans. And (in passing) Cherny calls on members of "either" political party to return the money they received from the "corrupt Fiesta Bowl organization."

Nowhere in Cherny's statement does he mention Democrats -- or the Democratic Party -- by name.

See his full statement below:

The news that Republican lobbyists turned the Fiesta Bowl into a front for funneling illegal campaign contributions to Republican politicians should outrage and disgust every Arizonan. This is not about a football game. What the reports reveal is that there is a deep, pervasive culture of corruption in our state government.

"This culture of corruption -- driven by greed and political ambition -- breeds cynicism and distrust. It results in a government where these highly-paid lobbyists and the politicians in
their pockets focus on handing out special favors without lifting a finger to create jobs. This scandal is what happens when a small group of people from one political party hold too much power for too long. But Arizonans are learning the truth about these politicians, and their days are numbered.

"These politicians may not have known about the illegal money coming from the Fiesta Bowl and its employees, but now the truth is out. I call upon every elected official of either party to immediately return every cent in campaign contributions they received from the corrupt Fiesta Bowl organization.

We argued yesterday that the  "culture of corruption" to which Cherny refers is not exclusive to one particular political party, but we want to know what you think: Are Republicans the only political party to blame for the Fiesta Bowl Fiasco?

Cast your vote below.   

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