Morning Poll: Best Candidate for Joe Arpaio's "Mugshot of the Day": Alan Shepard, or Half Head Guy?

On Wednesday, we ran the mugshot of Alan Shepard, who was arrested earlier this week for allegedly selling crystal meth and illegally possessing a gun.

Shepard has a lengthy rapsheet, including past arrests for shoplifting, ID theft, burglary, making threats, and hindering prosecution.

Some readers (about 116) used the comment section of that post to screech about how tasteless New Times is for posting Shepard's mugshot because our main reason for doing so
was because he's missing about half of his face, despite him being a career criminal who allegedly sells meth and illegally owns a gun.

But Shepard's isn't the first mugshot a Village Voice Media publication has published partially for shock value.

Our sister paper, Miami New Times, published a similar mugshot in November. That man, known simply as "half-head guy" (that's how he's referred in the police report. Check it out here) got that name because, well, he's got half a head, as you can see in the above mugshot.

As you may know, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio currently is treating jail inmates like a side show holding a contest with his inmates where the public votes to determine the "mugshot of the day."

We want to know what you think: who would make a better mugshot of the day: Shepard or "half-head guy"?

Cast your vote below.

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