Morning Poll: Do Arizona Democrats Owe Jan Brewer a Thank You?

Governor Jan Brewer went against the far-right-wing-nuts in her party last week and vetoed several bills -- including the humiliating "Birther Bill" -- the Republican majority in the Legislature desperately wanted. The Arizona Republic seems to think Democrats owe Jan a thank you.

In a piece written by the Republic's editorial board, the paper points out that following Brewer's veto of the bill -- and other bills loathed by Arizona's left -- "the minority party just couldn't play nice. They just could not say thanks."

The bills Brewer vetoed were stupid, "distracting" pieces of legislation, so thanking her for vetoing them -- as a reader commented yesterday -- would be like thanking someone for not kicking you in the balls.

Democratic Party Chairman Andrei Cherny seems to agree, and is offering no gratitude for Brewer's vetoes.

"Have we truly come to expect so little of our leaders that we now need to be grateful to them for not enshrining a fringe conspiracy theory into state law?" Cherny says in a statement. "I believe that public officials should clear a little bit higher bar before I need to rush out and buy them a thank you note."

Cherny's probably right, but as we pointed out yesterday, acknowledging sanity might inspire more of it -- something that's definitely needed in Arizona's state house.

But we want to know what you think: do Arizona Democrats owe Jan Brewer a thank you for defying her party and vetoing the bills?

Cast your vote below.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.