Morning Poll: Should Arizona Rethink the Legalization of Fireworks After Last Night?

Judging from the war-like sounds of our neighborhood, more people than ever were using fireworks this Fourth of July because of last year's law that legalized them.

We're pretty sure a lot of the bangs we heard weren't from the now-legal snakes, sparklers and ground-spinners. Plenty of typical firecrackers were being used, perhaps by people who mistakenly believe they're now legal.

The other problem, as you can imagine, is the potential for fireworks to cause wildland fires, especially by morons who set them off in the dry-as-a-cow-skull desert.

The law signed last year by Governor Jan Brewer has created plenty of confusion, which police hoped would lead law-respecting folks to use even less than expected. We're not sure that's what happened, though Tempe police tell us that despite a few calls for noise, the amateur use of fireworks didn't cause any big problems.

Phoenix police haven't gotten back to us yes.

What do you think? Should the lid go back on the now-legal fireworks? Or should the law be expanded to legalize fireworks that most people actually enjoy?

Here's your morning poll:

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