Morning Poll: Should Westboro Baptist Creeps be Allowed to Protest Funerals?

The United States Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the anti-gay-rights cretins from the Westboro Baptist Church -- as despicable as they may be -- are guaranteed the same First Amendment rights as those of us who don't abuse them just to draw attention to some absurd interpretation of the Bible.

As far as dick-heads go, the folks at the WBC are second to none. They make Charlie Sheen seem coherent. See some of the classless, rambling nonsense they spewed to New Times' here.

They protest the funerals of dead American soldiers, gushing hate, and even threatened to take their circus act to the funeral of a 9-year-old girl senselessly murdered in the January 8, Tucson shooting tragedy.

A lot of people think these twerps are taking free speech too far. But, as we mentioned yesterday, the First Amendment's the First Amendment -- even moralistic 'tards are allowed a voice.

We want to know what you think: should the Westboro Baptist Church be allowed to protest funerals?

Cast your vote below.

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