Morning Poll: Thanksgiving Day Shopping -- Did You Do It?

We sympathize with anyone who has to work on a major holiday like Thanksgiving Day.

Instead of the traditional descent into T-Day nirvana, belly packed with turkey, stuffing and cerveza (or your liquid sustenance of choice), more of the retail workforce than ever is heading to Walmart, Target or the local mall on the evening before Black Friday, compelled to serve hordes of after-dinner bargain hunters.

More traditional Black-Friday shoppers began lining up at stores around the Valley on Thursday afternoon, waiting for midnight store openings.

Meanwhile, the airwaves of cyberspace crackled with online purchases. But do computer users get the best of worlds -- overindulgence in food and drink, plus a satisfying shopping experience -- or do they miss out both in terms of getting the best deals and enjoying some amateur anthropological field work?

At least this year, we haven't heard any reports of bloodshed. As we reported on Tuesday, the aftermath of the 2011 Black Friday season is still being felt by Jerald Newman, the California resident and alleged shoplifter who's now suing the Town of Buckeye and the police officer who knocked him to the ground following a chaotic rush for a discounted video game at a Walmart.

If you braved the indigestion and crowds yesterday, or are out there on Black Friday today, feel free to drop a line -- we're curious how it went for you, and whether you got a good deal.

If you were one of the folks who had to work yesterday and you have any good stories (or at least made a boodle in overtime), please share. But then, you're probably back at it this morning, too. Whhu-chhh!

Here is your morning poll:

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