Morning Poll -- What's More Obnoxious: "Thuggish Mob" of Raza Studies Supporters, or Tom Horne Smiling While Being Called a Racist?

State Attorney General Tom Horne issued a press release yesterday in which he links to a video that shows a "thuggish mob" of Raza studies supporters heckle him from the steps of the state Capitol all the way to his gold Jaguar sedan parked in the parking lot.

See the video and our story on the matter here.

Horne was about halfway to the parking lot, but had gone back to the front of the building to give an interview (in Spanish, as his office is quick to point out) with Univision Televsion. He was met by what he calls a "thuggish mob" of Raza studies supporters whose obnoxious screaming of the word "racist" made it impossible for the attorney general to conduct the interview.

What was equally -- if not more -- obnoxious than the "thuggish" screaming was the shit-eatin' grin Horne had on his face as he marched back to the parking lot -- all while the protesters followed him ranting and raving that he's a racist.

As New Times noted yesterday, dozens of protesters ganging up on one guy as he tries to get into his car doesn't do much to help their cause. At the same time, Horne smirking as he's being called a racist makes him look like...well...a racist.

We want to know what you think: who's more obnoxious?

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